Spotify is Launching its Counterattack on Apple Music

NY Music Tech - Spotify counterattacks Apple Music


Especially in light of its recently surge in trial memberships, Apple Music’s status as would-be Spotify killer seems more justified than ever. Competing against the likes of Apple poses problems for even some of the world’s largest and well-funded companies.

However, Spotify remains appropriately far from throwing in the towel. A recent series of moves from the streaming upstart helps illustrate its willingness to go toe-to-toe against Apple for the future of streaming.

Super Mario Maker
Lets Gamers Make Music

Nintendo released new details about its upcoming Wii U game, Super Mario Maker, in a new overview video today, revealing that a long list of amiibo will be supported in the game and that players will be able to make musical levels.

Amid the game’s creation tools are musical blocks that play notes based on the height of the block, allowing savvy gamers to arrange music.

Summer fun

We took a breather for a few months. Our meetup had a series of great Winter/Spring events and deserved the summer off.

But lets have a little late summer fun yeah? If you’d like to present at our next event, please send links to Seth via the meetup group with to your working products and we’ll go from there.

Writing down song arrangements


When I just started playing the guitar and began learning my favorite songs from the internet, I was often surprised that what I played sounded like rough versions of what I heard on the records. I found my answer while taking a course in music theory in college. It was all about chord voicings and sometimes about the quality of chords. Carefully chosen voicings could completely transform a song. Sometimes it was because the baseline was smoother. Other times it was because the top notes formed a nice complimenting melody. Occasionally, even the place in the fretboard mattered — a voicing with the exact same notes but played in the middle of the fretboard sounded nicer than one using open strings.

I became very curious about chord voicings. Looking through books and searching online for the right voicing was very time consuming, and even with all that time spent, I often couldn’t find what I wanted. That’s when I decided to write a program that would find the voicings for me. It was a difficult challenge, but at the end, I had an app that gave me the exact voicings that I wanted (ChordMate). And if couldn’t find a precise match, I knew that I didn’t miss anything and just had to find the right compromise.

Then I faced another problem. I’d make a beautiful arrangement, and then I’d forget it in a couple weeks. I turned to tablature, but that required me to spell out every detail, which was very tedious and unnecessary — everything that I wanted to capture besides the chord voicings could be done with a simple recording. So I made another app to help me write down my arrangements without going through extra steps with tablature (Songs). I’ve combined Songs and ChordMate into one app (Songs Pro).

To raise awareness about Songs Pro, my company is giving away 5 promo codes to Music Techsters. We hope you’ll find our app useful and tell your friends and fellow songwriters!

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The codes above are valid until June 5th. They can be redeemed by only one person – so please post a comment when you use a code successfully.

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